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The Margin of Error War Monitor

Welcome to the MOE War Monitor. Since the 2016 US election we have a learning the extent of interference from Russia and other adversaries of the United States. Almost every day there is another report about past and continuing cyber interference in US domestic issues. Our adversaries did not create the social, economic and political divides in US, but they are using real and fake communications to expand and accelerate the divisiveness.

This blog will be a companion to the book, The Margin of Error War, to highlight the most important news stories about how our adversaries continue to intrude in US democracy, and what our government is doing, or is failing to do, to protect citizens, institutions, infrastructure and the American political system. There is so much news we will have to curate the most relevant and timely reports and connect them to the overall patterns that have already been observed, and be alert to the new patterns of information terrorism.

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